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Local Things to Do

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HOBBS RETAIL: Since Hobbs is the county seat of New Mexico, there is a lot of retail nearby such as a Walmart Supercenter, a Home Depot and a Lowes which all give you an idea of the size of Hobbs (over 40,000). There are grocery stores such as Albertsons Market, Thriftway, and in Seminole there is a smaller Walmart, and a United Marketplace.


HOBBS ENTERTAINMENT: Hobbs has the Eagle 9 movie theater, the CORE recreation center (complete with indoor water park and swimming) and also see Hobbs community events.


LOCAL RESTAURANTS: TripAdvisor has some recommendations for local eats… Hobbs, NM and Seminole, TX.


READING: Hobbs has a public library, if you’re a history buff,​ here are some links to get you started about the local area of Hobbs, NM.

For the Seminole direction, there is the Gaines County Library System and a bit of history about Seminole, TX.